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Alamin ang Hypertension, Para Iwas Altapresyon

As one of the objectives of the hypertension community health plan is to improve the knowledge and awareness of residents regarding hypertension, the medical students organized a health education activity with a theme “Alamin ang Hypertension, Para Iwas Altapresyon” on June 29, 2019 which took place in the Lumbayao Covered Court. There were 36 participants that were composed of diagnosed hypertensive individuals irrespective of stage, type and age.

The discussion has put emphasis on the risk factors, causes, symptoms, prevention and importance of compliance to antihypertensive medication and control of blood pressure within normal or near normal level. More importantly, the definition of maintenance medication was provided. They were taught that a maintenance medication must be taken on a regular basis, preferably same time each day even in the absence of symptoms unless otherwise instructed to defer by a physician.

After the lecture, an election of officers for the hypertensive club was held, with the positions including President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Public Information Officer. Only diagnosed hypertensives were qualified to be nominated and to be elected.


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