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Basura Ilabay, Para Dili Magmahay

One of the issues that needed to be addressed regarding the solid waste management problem in Barangay Lumbayao is the piling up of mostly unsegregated wastes in the materials recycling facility (MRF) waste bins. In order to address the issue and to clear the waste bins from the piled up garbage, a waste segregation activity of the central waste bins in Barangay Lumbayao was held last July 13, 2019, which was participated by Team Lumbayao, together with some of the barangay council officers and volunteers from the community. The piled-up wastes were segregated into biodegradable, recyclables, and residual wastes. The biodegradable wastes were disposed in the central compost pits of the barangay, whereas the remaining were stored into a number of used sacks according to the type of waste — recyclables and residuals, which were later collected by the municipal garbage truck last July 16, 2019, as per request with the municipal engineer


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