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Lumbayao Kontra Altapresyon

On the afternoon of January 26, 2019, Team Lumbayao invited the municipal health officer of Tampilisan, Dr. Carmel Mathilda Ladeza, to the Lumbayao Covered Court to diagnose the hypertensive residents and to enroll them in the hypertension program of the rural health unit, where they are given free antihypertensive medications. In the weeks prior to this activity, Team Lumbayao went house-to-house around the barangay to screen the residents and take their blood pressure to determine if they have increased blood pressure. The team also went during the Senior Citizens' Meeting last January 20, 2019 to take the blood pressure of the senior citizens, who are especially at risk for hypertension and related diseases. Additionally, a mass blood pressure taking event was held last January 21, 2019 in the Lumbayao Covered Court. All the possible hypertensive residents were then asked to come back during the hypertension consultation event. At the end of the day, a total of 31 residents were referred to the event, and 22 residents were enrolled in the hypertension program and were given free medicines.


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