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Goodbye, Bulate!

Updated: Feb 5, 2018

One of the activities we were privileged to participate in was the deworming activity. We were tasked to assist the nurse assigned for barangay Lumbayao in doing the activity in Lumbayao Elementary School. On a bright sunny Monday morning, we woke up early for the activity and walked to the elementary school. Their school had quite a spacious field , with tall trees surrounding the area. We met the lovely principal who offered us delicious snacks while we wait. Upon the arrival of the nurse, the program started and we were flooded with kind and energetic kids. Some of us assisted on arranging them in their respective lines, while some helped the kids in taking the medicine properly. After the program, we were surprised by the principal’s kind gesture of offering us a meal with them. Though it was not tiring, we were drenched in perspiration because of the hot weather. Nonetheless, we didn’t mind that much because we were relieved by the vibrant smiles of the kids and the faculty of the school.


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