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Let's Talk About Cancer

Updated: Feb 4, 2018

For the National Cancer Awareness Week, usually held during the third week of January each year, we were asked by the nurse assigned to Barangay Lumbayao, Ms. Rose Marilyn Faeldin, to conduct a small lecture about cancer during the family development sessions (FDS) conducted monthly in the barangay. We started preparing for our talk a few days before the family development session for indigenous people (IP’s) on January 23, 2018, prioritizing which cancers we are going to discuss and researching on relevant information, like symptoms and ways to prevent them. On the day itself, the family development session promptly started at 10 AM, with more than 30 community people attending. Three of our groupmates conducted the small lectures: Ruther Cabral on lung cancer, Charmae Chiong on breast cancer, and Phillip Ycaza on liver cancer. Thankfully, the attendees were genuinely interested to learn, even taking down notes. After the lectures, the group asked a few questions regarding the discussed topics to ensure that we were understood, and the audience responded positively. Hopefully, in our own way, we were able to impart some vital knowledge about cancer that can help the community people now and in the future.


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