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Trip To Busay

Updated: Feb 4, 2018

Fun seemed nowhere to be found in the community, thus we created our own. In need of breath of fresh air, trip to Busay happened. Busay was supposedly a beautiful stream flowing in one of the innermost puroks in Lumbayao. With excitement and conviction to reach it, our team headed out as early as we could.

Neither was it a typical road trip nor was it an easy one. It could have been a long walk for all I knew, but I guess I had not prepared myself that much. Kapuy jud! Ganahan ko muhilak! Joke! Kidding aside, the path towards it made our journey that exasperating. Muddy pathways surprised us, and the hot weather tried to keep us from going on. Amidst all these, we were awed by the scenery around us: tall and green trees swayed as soothing winds passed by, flowers of varying beauty danced in sync and the blue cloudy sky contributed to the heavenly ambiance of the place. Breathtaking indeed!

The journey went on too long, and I was getting irascible for I was utterly exhausted. Then a few steps, no, scratch that, more and more steps were taken but Busay was nowhere to be found. A few moments late, I suddenly stopped; hearing the gushing sound of Busay. Voila! We were already near it, but my excitement died down as soon as I saw a very small, muddy and steep way downhill. Despite this, we ventured all the way. Though the path taken wasn't easy, what awaited us in the end was worth all the struggles.


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